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Events for reStart

Events help us to provide resources to our residents, spread our mission throughout the community, and raise funds to continue the work we do. Homecoming 2023; The Road Home is our primary annual fundraiser, and Ruck is an fundraising event that pays tribute to our country’s veterans. We also have resident events to celebrate holidays and seasons. reStart is gratefully receives other funds generated from golf tournaments and other community endeavors.

The Road Home

reStart's Second Annual Homecoming Fundraiser



to receive

a ticket!

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The Reveal:





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The Film:

Cocktails & Conversation



The Road Home benefit will share the stories of 18 current and former reStart residents on their journeys from homelessness to housing. A short film and photographic storytelling will illustrate experiences of courage, despair, compassion and hope. You will see first-hand what life can be when the need for housing is unmet.


Together, we can raise awareness and invest in work that makes dreams a reality. 

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Join us on November 10 for Clay Daniels’ annual Ruck for reStart Fundraiser!


Clay is a veteran and a reStart board member. Through his tireless dedication to preventing and ending homelessness in Kansas City, he makes a 30-mile journey through the streets of Kansas City to honor homeless veterans. Clay is a hero and a humanitarian!

Ruck for reStart



Support Ruck for reStart on Veteran's Day by reaching out to


Resident Events

We host events for our residents to celebrate them and provide additional resources.  

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