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Single Adults Services

Age 24+

If you are experiencing homelessness and over the age of 24, our programs can provide: interim housing, individual case management, and other wrap-around services. 

Call our 24/7 hotline (816) 472-5664.

Street Outreach

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reStart provides coordinated street outreach services. We want to meet you where you are and remind you that people care. We regularly visit encampments, vacant buildings, and provide street-based referral services.

Outreach Specialists also visit libraries, community centers, and transit stops, to connect you with needed resources. We work in collaboration with the other community-based organizations in order to maximize resources and minimize duplication of services.
Please contact (816) 886-9160​.

Healthy Blue

Housing is healthcare. Stable housing is a key social determinate to health. This collaboration between Healthy Blue Missouri and reStart Inc. can help close the gap between inpatient hospital care and permanent supportive housing.

Call (816) 472-5664. 

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